Lexington Village Community

Lexington Village Community

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The main thoroughfare, (Lexington Village), thru our community is a designated "NO PARKING ANYTIME" area.  Before this decision was made, residents and guest of our community, regularly parked on the main street.  As a result, emergency services and maintenance vendors had a difficult time navigating thru our community to provide needed services. These Emergency sevices and vendors communicated that they may have to deny services if vehicles were allowed to remain parked on the road.  Therefore, the area was marked with No Parking signs and TARA Wrecker was contracted to tow any vehicle that is illegally parked at anytime.   There is NO "GRACE" period.  ANY neighbor that sees a vehicle illegally parked should report the vehicle on the Community Hotline (866) 808-0954.  Also, TARA Wrecker has been authorized to drive thru the neighborhood and enforce the No Parking rule at their leisure. There are signs posted with TARA Wrecker's information should yours or your guest's vehicle be towed.

 Keep in mind that this decision was necessary and if you need parking beyond your personal driveway, the authorized overflow parking is along the front of our community on Lexington Circle. These parking slots are for your use and are owned by our community.  Please use them or your personal driveway. 


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